June 17, 2016

Veteran’s Lounge: 700 University Ave. Rm 310

  • Work/Study Area
  • Computers
  • Free Printing
  • Textbooks for checkout
  • Couches and Chairs
  • Television w/ cable
  • Fridge for Personal Use
  • Snack Bar
  • Coffee
  • Microwave

Book Inventory

Title Year/Edition Quantity Status
Heath The Basics N/A 1 In
Minitab Manual N/A 3 In
Exercise Science N/A 1 In
Historical Geology N/A 1 In
Functions Modeling Change N/A 1 In
Climate Change and Threatened Communities N/A 1 In
Exercise Science N/A 1 In
Elementary Statistics N/A 1 Out
Understanding Music HOM 165 N/A 1 In

Snack Shack Inventory    

Don’t see your favorite snack/beverage? CLICK HERE to add it to the list.

Name Type Price Stock
Rice Krispies Treats Original, M&M, Cocoa, Chocolaty Drizzle .50 In
Quaker Chewy Bars Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip .25 In
Trail Mix Trail Mix with M&M’s 1.00 In
Chips Lays Classic, Doritos Nacho & Cool Ranch, BBQ, Cheetos, Fritos .75 In
Cookies Keebler Fudge Strips, Rainbow Chips Deluxe, Elfin Crackers .50 In
Candy Skittles, M&M’s Original & Peanut, Snickers, Starbursts, 3 Musketeers 1.00 In
Quaker Oatmeal Original, Maple Brown Sugar, Apple & Cinnamon, Cinnamon & Spice .25 In
Coffee (K-cups) Dunkin Dounuts Medium Roast, Starbucks Dark French Roast 1.00 In
Gatorade Lemon-Lime & Strawberry, Fruit Punch & Berry, Orange & Tropical Fruit 1.00 In
Bottled Water Bottled Water Free In