SVO Committees

Student Veteran Organization’s Committees¬†

Community Outreach

  • SU local businesses.
    • businesses that give discounts to veterans or are willing to give them to the SVO.
  • Free food for meetings.

SVO Newsletter

  • Contributors to the newsletter meet each month in order to organize and comprise information to be included in the monthly newsletter. The newsletter is distributed to those on the SVO email listserv.

SVO Webteam

  • Students, whether veterans or not, work collaboratively on the SVO’s website. They meet a couple times each week in order to update the website with information such as upcoming events and opportunities.


  • Members of the SVO partake in multiple fundraising events throughout the year that help fund the SVO ball, improvements to the lounge and allows SVO members to better serve the community.

Tailgate committees

  • Members of these committees organize tailgating events which involves getting the food, drinks, securing a location, putting everything together, cleaning up, etc. These committees help ensure that everyone who is tailgating has a safe and fun time!

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