P.A.V.E Program


Peer Advisor Job Description

The role of the Peer Advisor is to support the student veteran as they transition to campus life. Peer Advisors will be existing students who have experience and knowledge of the campus. The Peer Advisor will act within an agreed range of confidentiality and will ensure they have the best interest of the student veteran in mind at all times. If you have any questions you can contact Alex Brigandi(abrigand@syr.edu) or Lauren Pyland(lewhitmi@syr.edu). Or If you would like to become a Veteran Peer Advisor this Fall, please CLICK HERE to download the application and email the completed form to Lauren Pyland at (lewhitmi@syr.edu).

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Complete initial training session(s)
  • Coordinate times to call or meet with student veterans
  • Provide informal support to student veterans to increase awareness of the resources available
  • Refer student veterans to viable university, and federal and community resources
  • Complete online interaction logs
  • Increase campus awareness of the PAVE program and specific needs of student veterans


  • Military service
  • Good academic standing (2.50 or above GPA)
  • Ability to work with others
  • Good interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills
  • Insight about transition challenges
  • Can engage with and motivate people from diverse backgrounds

Time Commitment

  • Attend initial training session(s)
  • Attend optional group events and program recognition events
  • Make a minimum of two semester commitment
  • Reach out to student veterans at least one time per month
  • Participate in scheduled calls or meetings with other Peer Advisors to share successes and discuss any challenges

Click Here To Download Application

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