May 27, 2016



Student Veteran Organization (SVO) at Syracuse University is a social organization that provides a support network for students and veterans attending SU.  One of our main focuses is to build a strong social network for student-veterans. With regular social events, our veteran community can engage together and regain a sense of social camaraderie. In addition to a social aspect, the SVO offers academic and career opportunities to student-veterans, as well as, regularly sponsoring and participating in community service.

Some of the difficult things we face, is not being able to host events due to lack of funds. As a result, our organization is reaching out to its community. Any amount is accepted and appreciated, and all donations go toward funding amazing events such as the Student-Veteran Ball, Meet-n-Greet BBQ, and Sky Chiefs Baseball game.

Those who donate $50 will receive a SVO Challenge Coin as a token of our appreciation. We appreciate your time and hope you consider helping your community of veterans succeed during their time at Syracuse University.